U.S. Water to Provide Wastewater O&M Services for New York Winemaker

In January 2023, U.S. Water was awarded the contract to provide operations & maintenance (O&M) consulting and staffing support for the wastewater treatment facility at Hazlitt Red Cat Cellars in Naples, New York. Hazlitt Red Cat Cellars is a winemaker that produces well-known Hazlitt wines like Red Cat, White Cat, Pink Cat, and Bramble Berry, using hybrid variety grapes, like Catawba, Niagara, and Concord.

“U.S. Water is proud to be supporting a local winemaker with sustainable winemaking practices. We look forward to optimizing their operational performance through mentoring their staff and managing their data with our PCM system,” said U.S. Water Senior Vice President Ken Jones.

In the nearly yearlong project, U.S. Water will provide two qualified New York State 4A licensed wastewater treatment operators to provide O&M services to satisfy the requirements set forth by New York State (NYS), Federal Regulatory Agencies, and the needs of Hazlitt. U.S. Water will oversee and train Hazlitt’s staff in proper O&M protocol to attain maximum operational efficiency and compliance with the permits and regulations of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and USEPA. U.S. Water will also manage and measure Hazlitt’s facility data using our Process Control Monitoring ™ system. PCM will provide instant remote access to operational data, automated custom reporting, and a secure repository for operational, regulatory and safety documentation.

The staffing, training, and management plans provided by U.S. Water will promote efficient operations of the treatment facilities and maintain well-documented records of operations performed. Training provided by U.S. Water will cover a variety of topics, including operations, maintenance, safety, supervisory skills, energy management, and other relevant subjects. Training will be conducted to prepare Hazlitt’s personnel for obtaining their NYS 2A licenses within 12-18 months.