USW Utility Group’s Commitment to Safety

U.S. Water Utility Group’s commitment to safety and partnering with clients has proven beneficial at the Chickasha, Oklahoma project where U.S. Water Utility Group routinely performs safety training exercises with the City and identifies needs to better prepare for and mitigate any potential hazards/concerns. This cooperative effort has resulted in an impressive safety record at the project. During this training, a need was identified by the Client and, knowing that we rely on the City’s Public Safety Department to assist in the ultimate safety of our workforce, U.S. Water Utility Group purchased a confined space entry tripod and helmets for the City of Chickasha’s Fire Department.

The following is a quote from Fire Chief Brian Zalewski:

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the donation of the life safety rescue equipment. We have made do with whatever rudimentary system that we could make up to get the job done. While we got away with this in the past, it was inevitable that something bad would happen. The rescue tripod that you graciously donated to the Chickasha Fire Department can incorporate our rope and pully system to bring victims and patients out of a confined space surrounding. Unlike standard tripods, this tripod stands nine feet tall which eliminates rescuers having to pull a victim out by hand.

Again, we cannot thank you enough for donating the tripod and we hope to do additional training with USW soon.”