Miami Dade County selects U.S. Water for O&M Contract

This contract utilizes an intergroup collaboration that expands the U.S. Water footprint in Florida

We are excited to announce that Miami Dade County is a new U.S. Water Industrial Group (USWIG) client. Miami Dade County has contracted USWIG to operate its Leachate Treatment Plant (LTP) at the South Dade Florida Landfill (SDFL), utilizing our industrial O&M solutions service offering.

The Miami Dade County contract is the first agreement under the joint venture of corporate services and the industrial group and signifies the continual expansion of US Water in Florida. Chris Saliba, Vice President of Operations and Maintenance for US Water, led the negotiations and secured the contract, utilizing the extensive expertise of team members such as Lance Hanners throughout the client selection process.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Miami Dade County and begin operations of the Leachate Treatment Plant,” said Gary Deremer, US Water President, and CEO. “This plant treats the leachate generated from the nearby active landfill, and we recognize the critical function it plays in supporting the County’s growing population and needs.”

The contract was signed in February of 2022. US Water staff is already working towards bringing the facility up to design operational status and optimizing the treatment process.


The Miami Dade County Leachate Treatment Plant treats leachate, a liquid product that develops as trash decomposes and mixes with precipitation that falls onto the landfill. The leachate is removed via a drainage system located at the bottom of the landfill and is pumped from the drainage system into the Influent EQ tank.

The plant utilizes two Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBRs), an aerobic digester, and an effluent EQ tank to remove metals, ammonia, nitrogen, soluble organic material, and total suspended solids. Treated water is discharged to the South Dade Regional POTW. With an influent flow that varies considerably based on seasonal weather patterns, the treatment system is designed for 0.32 MGD and consists of five tanks. Four of the tanks are each nominally 55 feet in diameter with a usable volume of 411,000 gallons. They include one SAMTM (Surge Anoxic Mix) influent equalization tank, two SBR tanks, and one aerobic digester tank. The fifth tank is an effluent equalization tank that is nominally 21.7 ft. in diameter with a usable volume of 41,000 gallons. Each SBR tank contains a nominal decant volume of 38,665 gallons.

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