About Us Partnerships

U.S. Water Services Corporation has a 14-year history of generating substantial value for our clients. Since our inception in Florida in 2003, we have steadily expanded our footprint across the country. Our growth includes over 500 employees, more than 450 clients, with offices in a growing number of states, including our sister company, USW Utility Group—a Texas Commission of Environmental Control (TCEQ) licensed water and wastewater operating company that has been providing our complete range of services outside of Florida since 2007.

As a client, by teaming up with U.S. Water Services Corporation, you will benefit from the vast and valuable array of contacts and relationships we maintain. U.S. Water Services Corporation also has government piggyback contracts in place that enable our clients to utilize our services at pre-approved pricing.

Our Clients

U.S. Water Services Corporation operates more than 1,000 water and wastewater plants nationwide. U.S. Water Services Corporation serves a wide range of clientele that includes:

  • County and local governments
  • Private facilities
  • Industrial customers
  • School Boards
  • Retirement community corporations
  • Departments Of Transportation (DOT)
  • Departments Of Corrections (DOC)
  • Departments Of Defense (DOD)
  • State Government Facilities
  • Federal Government Facilities
  • Military Bases
  • Government Utility Authorities

Piggyback Contracts

The “piggybacking” of existing government bid contracts enables our government clients to partner with other water and wastewater systems. Sometimes referred to as “cooperative purchasing”, piggyback contracts can save you time and money by piggybacking off another system’s already-negotiated purchasing contract. Piggyback contracts commonly provide a continued or improved level of service, at reduced costs, and creates access to a larger pool of resources that can yield everything from better rates and the latest technologies, to relief operations that cover holidays, weekends and emergency shortage situations.

U.S. Water Services Corporation manages such contracts in Florida, Texas, Iowa, and Oklahoma. Below are a few examples: