Our Team

Meet the members of U.S. Water Services Corporation’s executive team, all of whom share a strong commitment to principled, experienced leadership. Here, you can also find our regional team members, along with their contact information.

Our Leadership

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Gary Deremer - President and CEO

Gary Deremer

President & CEO

As Principal Founder and Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Water Services Corporation (USWSC) established in 2003, Gary brings more than 30 years of progressive, successful experience in all phases of water and wastewater treatment and management services. He is responsible for the overall business operation, strategic direction, public relations, and long-term sustainability while providing expertise relative to system startups, management of municipal and private systems, professional consulting, rate case and capital improvement planning, technical diagnostics, treatment process operations, and construction. Prior to founding USWSC, Gary held several executive positions to include City Utility Manager, Founder and President of H2O Utility Services, Inc., and Florida Vice President of Utility Operations with American Water Services. Gary holds a Utility Construction Contractor License as issued by the FDBPR and is licensed as Class A/B Water and Wastewater Utility Operator by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection as well as licenses in other states. Gary has been recognized and selected as an expert witness with regard to his utility related expertise, given his diverse career and operational and technical knowledge of water and wastewater utility industry operational criteria.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - USW Utility Group - Jeff DuPont - Vice President of Business Development - Mid/Central Region

Jeffrey DuPont

Vice president - Business Development
(Mid-Central U.S.)

Jeff represents over 37 years of progressive experience related to water and wastewater operating services. His responsibilities involve operational and resource management optimization, regional business development, and public/private utility operations and maintenance (O&M). Jeff provides invaluable direction for the company’s Mid-Central U.S. Operations Services bid process, transition management and industrial environmental compliance activities. Jeff comes to USWSC after distinguishing himself in various leadership positions as Director of Wastewater Business Performance & Environmental Compliance with American Waster Services; Senior Regional Manager with Woodard & Curran Environmental Services; and Water Pollution Control Plant Superintendent with Columbus Water Works in Columbus, GA. Jeff maintains various professional certifications in several states to include Wastewater Operator (FL, GA, NE, TX); Water Operator (FL, GA, TX); Environmental Operator ABC Class IV; Water Distribution Technician Class B; Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester; Reclaimed Water Field Inspection & Operations Specialist; and Certified Environmental Trainer.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Troy Rendelle - Vice President of Investor Owned Utilities

William “Troy” Rendell

Vice President - Investor Owned Utilities

Troy joined the USWSC team in April 2014. As the Director of Regulated Utilities, he is responsible for all facets of the business and contracts related to private regulated utilities to include monthly review of financial statements, preparation of annual operating budgets, cost reporting and overall performance analysis. Along with the financial accountability, Troy provides strong leadership on system operations, customer service, billing, field services, as well as regulatory affairs. Troy has experience among both the private and regulatory entities of the water and wastewater industry. Before arriving at USWSC, he was an Area Manager for Aqua Utilities in Florida and North Carolina and Public Utilities Supervisor with the Florida Public Service Commission prior to that. The skill set acquired from the aforementioned career experiences makes Troy uniquely qualified as our residential expert on rate analysis, rate structure, and National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) accounting. Troy is a graduate of Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Ralph Amiott - Vice President and Director of Maintenance

Ralph Amiott

Vice President and Director of Maintenance

Ralph has more than 30 years direct experience relating to construction, operations, maintenance and rehabilitation of water and wastewater utility systems. Currently Mr. Amiott functions as Vice President of Construction and Maintenance Services on behalf of U.S. Water Services Corporation. In this position he ensures that all repair services of the utility systems serviced by U.S. Water Services are executed per regulatory requirements and in keeping with industry construction standards. Ralph’s field staff is responsible for monitoring the mechanical function of utility equipment, oversight of all rehabilitation projects, emergency repairs and provide on the job apprentice training for persons interested in learning the specialty mechanics related to water and wastewater facilities and systems. Since 1993, Ralph has provided supervision and management of more than 100 employees in Florida, Texas, Iowa and Oklahoma. His vast experience specific to the water and wastewater service industry, enables him to mentor direct reports toward successful construction and maintenance business development, scheduling, and completion.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - USW Utility Group - Aaron Voss - Vice President of Service Delivery - Mid/Central Region

Aaron Voss

Vice President - Service Delivery (Mid-Central U.S.)

Having joined USWSC in July 2007 as a Senior Project Manager, Mr. Voss has since assumed the position of Director of Service Delivery for our Mid/Central Region of United States. In this role Aaron is responsible for the overall business portfolio for projects in the region to include P&L, business development, utility acquisition feasibility studies, client management, construction management and strategic operational leadership. Aaron brings nearly 15 years of utility and managerial experience to the USWSC team. Prior to becoming a team member at USWSC, he held various leadership roles with Veolia Water NA and American Water which encompassed project management, facility startup, operator training, budget development, client development, process optimization, regulatory communication, process evaluations and compliance troubleshooting, computer systems management and CMMS integration. Mr. Voss is a 2003 honors graduate from Central Community College in Hastings, Nebraska where he obtained two separate degrees in Computer Science & Information Technology and Network Systems Technology. Aaron also holds Class A/B, or equivalent, water and wastewater operator’s licenses which certifies him to work in six (6) different states - Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, Georgia, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Mo Kader - Vice President of Engineering

Mo Kader

Vice President of Engineering

Mo brings more than 30 years of experience to U. S. Water Services Corporation in his role as the Vice President of Engineering. He is expertly qualified and is responsible for design, permitting, and management of the water and wastewater systems to which USWSC provides contract services. Prior to joining USWSC in 2003, Mo gained valuable experience from previous employment as a project engineer and in the role of Civil/Environmental Engineer with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). Mo is an accomplished author with professional publications in the Environmental Science and Health magazine on the “Kinetics of Ozonation of Iron II and Manganese II with Ozone in a Pure Water System”, and, “Kinetics of Ozonation of Iron II in the Presence of Organic Compounds”. Mo holds an MS degree in Civil Engineering and also an MS degree in Engineering Management from the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. He has been a Registered Professional Engineer in the state of Florida since 1992 and is certified by the U.S. National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying. Mo has additional professional engineering registrations in Iowa, Indiana, Georgia, Texas, and Oklahoma.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Carl Smith - Vice President and Director of Client Services

Carl Smith

Vice President & Director of Client Services (Southeast)

Since joining USWSC in 2011 as Vice President and Director of Client Services, Carl has primary responsibility for development of the Florida market relative to acquisitions, service delivery coordination, contracts, and key accounts. He also provides oversight of the company’s Customer Services Division throughout the state of Florida. Carl brings considerable value to the organization with his extensive experience in the power, gas and water utility space while developing business growth strategies, promoting increased sales and services, coordinating USWSC’s FL Operations Services bid process and consulting on all facets of customer service. Carl has held a wide variety of marketing and sales roles in Fortune 500 companies within both utility specific and private-sector industries. Prior to his arrival at USWSC, Carl functioned as the Director for Corporate Development and Customer Services for Aqua Utilities Florida, Inc. As the Regional VP for the NUI Corporation gas company Carl was instrumental in new business development expansion to the tune of $5MM annually. He also provided consultation service as the Business Unit Director with A&C Enercon where his clients included more than 80 utilities in the water, electric and gas industries. Carl is an U.S. Air Force Vietnam veteran who served our country proudly for 10 years. He was honorably discharged with the rank of Master Sergeant. He received a dual BS and MBA from the University of Southern Mississippi while graduating with honors in the Personnel Management program. Carl also attained an MS degree in Organizational Management from the University of Central Connecticut State University.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Ed Mitchell - Senior Vice President and General Manager

Ed Mitchell

Senior Vice President & General Manager

As Senior Vice President and General Manager, Ed joined USWSC in October 2013. He is responsible for maintaining corporate margins and developing business efficiencies for cost savings; organizational development; primary client management for more than 700 clients; corporate marketing and media relations. Ed brings extensive administrative leadership experience to the company given his 30 years in the municipal leadership arena. Prior to joining USWSC, Ed performed in the role of City Administrator for the City of West Palm Beach which has a population of 110,000, covering 56 square miles and possessing an employee base of 1500. At various intervals in his distinguished career Ed also served as the interim Community Redevelopment Executive Director and Acting City Administrator, both positions with the City of West Palm Beach. Ed received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Service from St. Michael’s College (Vermont) and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Suffolk University, School of Management (Boston, MA). He acquired professional certification in the Dale Carnegie Leadership Training Program and is recognized as an ICMA Credentialed Manager.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Chris Saliba - Vice President of Operations and Maintenance

Chris Saliba

Vice President - Operations and Maintenance

As Vice President, Operations and Maintenance, Chris Saliba directs a project portfolio comprising more than 1,200 O&M project sites and 300 staff. His distinguished career includes tenures as a senior leader, project manager, and technical advisor. Chris worked in progressively responsible technical and management roles over 18 years with U.S. Water Services Corporation. Chris leads U.S. Water Services Corporation’s Operations & Maintenance services for public and private clients in water and wastewater utilities, facilities services and public works. He develops and implements strategic plans and growth strategies, establishes strategic direction, assess markets and directs and supports cost management, safety programs, innovation, and quality. Mr. Saliba is also responsible for the development, implementation, and management of the Environmental Health and Safety Program for U.S. Water Services Corporation. He serves on the FlaWARN steering committee and other advisory boards.

Our Regional Teams

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Hope Smith - Regional Manager; Region One - North FL

Hope Smith

Regional Manager; Region 1 – North Florida

Mrs. Smith has over 11 years of experience in the water and wastewater utility industry.  She has a BA degree in Finance and holds Florida Class B Wastewater and Class C Water Operator licenses.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Harry Householder - Regional Manager; Region Two - West Coast FL

Harry Householder

Regional Manager; Region 2 – West Coast Florida (Corporate Office)

Mr. Householder has over 40 years of experience in the water and Wastewater Industry.  He maintains and Class A Wastewater operator's license.  Mr. Householder has extensive experience in process control and optimization for both Water and Wastewater facilities and systems with a background in various CMMS programs.

U.S. Water Services Corporation - David Schultz Jr. - Director of Construction

David B. Schultz Jr.

Director of Construction

David Jr. is a registered professional engineer with over 15 years experience in the water and wastewater industry. He started his career at U.S. Water Services Corporation in August 2004 as the National Director of Business Development to create and execute the strategic growth plan for the young company. In 2007, David Jr. assumed the…

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Lina Quintero - Regional Manager; Region Three - Southwest FL

Lina Quintero, P.E.

Regional Manager; Region 3 – Southwest Florida

Lina M. Quintero is an experienced project manager with a degree in civil engineering. She has over 12 years of experience in bidding, permitting, compliance, design and management in different civil projects involving environment, water and wastewater. She currently works as a regional manager and project manager with U.S. Water Services Corporation.

Chris Gutschow - Director of Business Development

Chris Gutschow

Director of Business Development; Mid-Central U.S.

Chris has over 24 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry. He has a Bachelor of Science degree with a minor in Biology and holds Nebraska Class I Water and Class II Wastewater licenses.