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For more than a decade, U.S. Water Services Corporation has equipped our water and wastewater clients with a full range of customer service solutions. Through a combination of practical, hands-on support and technical expertise, U.S. Water Services Corporation can provide the right customer service solution for your facility’s needs and objectives.

Given U.S. Water Services Corporation’s knowledge of both the operation of water systems, and the impact that customer satisfaction has on the success of any facility, U.S. Water Services Corporation will dramatically improve your customer service platform. The goal of our customer service specialists is to help you provide customer services more efficiently. Effectively. Economically. Not only making a significant, measurable difference in the customer experience. But creating an immediate, positive impact on your bottom line.

From billing and collection, to meter reading and replacement, quality assured call centers, to water and wastewater field services, team up with U.S. Water Services Corporation for a complete customer management solution, or work with us to develop a tailored plan for your water facility.

Customer Service Centers

We can establish customer service centers with well-trained, responsible personnel who fully handle customer inquiries, account transactions, emergencies and other customer management.

Meter Reading

U.S. Water Services Corporation provides meter reading, meter installations, and other meter management, ensuring accuracy and efficiency for you and your customers.

Meter Replacement

Whether your purpose is to increase revenue, reduce water loss or improve customer service—our company has the technological knowledge and resources to provide the latest in meter replacement. U.S. Water Services Corporation also has years of experience installing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI or Smart meters), Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), and standard metering technologies.

Field Service

From the identification of leaks, to confirming a customer’s meter is working accurately. U.S. Water Services Corporation performs a range of on-site water and wastewater field services to better serve both you and your customers.

Bill Creation

U.S. Water Services Corporation provides customer billing driven by each customer’s rate, service type and consumption. This includes several direct monthly billing options for customers.

Bill Pay Service

By incorporating various customer payment solutions, including direct payment services and online account access, we enable efficient processing, cost application and other benefits.


Our systematic process enables us to provide clients with a comprehensive review of customer service activities in the form of audits. User fees, billing data and transitional services are top categories evaluated through our auditing services.


Our team of customer service professionals can execute collection efforts and related processes concerning delinquent account management.


At U.S. Water Services Corporation, we provide our clients with automatically generated standard accounts receivable, financials, cash management and other customer information, as well as specific detailed reports.
Recognizing the critical impact of Customer Service on public relations and fiscal responsibility, we pride ourselves on professional service delivery to 400,000 residences and businesses with project specific call center, billing and meter reading activities.