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Creating a Safety Culture Through Training Training is an essential component of our company’s safety management system. It allows employees to learn how to do their jobs properly, bring new ideas into the workplace, reinforce existing concepts and practices, and it helps to put our Safety and Health Program into action. Everyone in the company […]

How much should you write? One of the essential water and wastewater treatment plant components is the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) logbook. It is also one of the least understood by most operators. In this article, we will lay out the minimum requirements and other items to include. The most important reason for an O&M […]

As you may have noticed, this past open enrollment resulted in a 12% increase in medical insurance premiums – 70% of which was absorbed by the employer and 30% of which was absorbed by our employees. This unfortunate increase resulted from an increase in medical spending due to some preventable health conditions. To combat these […]

USW Utility Group sponsors the Athletics for Education and Success or AFES. This program provides breakfast, lunch, and snacks along with outings, arts, science, and other fun activities for local kids. They take part of the day to do academic retention on a daily basis.

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Case Studies

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U.S. Water will be starting the fourth and final Colonial Manor Water Main Replacement project in July. The work includes replacing approximately 8,590 linear feet of water main in the Colonial Manor development. The replacement of water mains includes installation of new water mains within the rights-of-way, installation of new service connections, relocation of existing […]

Mr. Travis Pender, Utility Manager in Fort Dodge, Iowa, was a guest speaker at Fort Dodge Middle School. He talked to the students about the water and wastewater process in Fort Dodge—What happens to dirty water, where the water comes from, the process of cleaning water, and water treatment areas in Fort Dodge. While speaking, […]

U.S. Water recently completed a well replacement at the Highlands Mobile Home Park after the existing well collapsed, leaving the well at limited capabilities with poor water quality. U.S. Water installed a smaller well pump to provide potable water to the community during the new well construction. Once the permits were approved, we contracted out […]

U.S. Water was recently contracted to perform sand filter rehabilitation on all four sand filters at the South County Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant in Hillsborough County. The County started finding issues with the filters, needing to perform excessive backwashes, meaning reversing the flow and increasing the velocity at which water passes back through the filters, […]

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U.S. Water Services Corporation recognizes that there is a lot of uncertainty in the world today with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading and we are here to help. There is no higher priority than to protect the health and safety of our clients!Learn More