Services Operations & Maintenance

U.S. Water Services Corporation operates and maintains water and wastewater facilities of all sizes, scopes and requirements. Currently, we operate more than 1,000 treatment plants nationwide—running efficiently and in compliance. U.S. Water Services Corporation employs more than 300 certified operators with decades of experience in the water and wastewater industry –  all of whom specialize in solving operations and maintenance challenges.

As an O&M partner, U.S. Water Services Corporation can manage every component of your water and wastewater system. But the value provided by our staff of operators, maintenance technicians, engineers and regulatory specialists goes well beyond just operating your plant. By balancing regulatory requirements with operational needs, we’re able to find operational efficiencies and innovate solutions for improved performance and cost certainty, thus enhancing a system’s economic, technical and environmental performance while planning for future needs.

Complete Operations & Maintenance Services

U.S. Water Services Corporation is your complete O&M resource. From wastewater collection and removal to emergency water services, we can equip and optimize your facility with a wide range of O&M capabilities, including:

  • Hauling services
  • Emergency water and wastewater services
  • Periodic inspection
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Upgrades, repairs and overhauls
  • SCADA installation and monitoring
From 5,000 gallons per day to 350 million gallons per day, our seasoned staff of operators and maintenance technicians are licensed, experienced, and capable of managing a wide array of facilities and distribution systems.

Take The Worry Out Of Staffing

U.S. Water Services Corporation also lets you employ our expert workforce, technology, knowledge and other resources. U.S. Water Services Corporation can implement our comprehensive safety program and help your existing staff earn certification. Best of all—we give you professionally managed staff on-site, as well as technical experts off-site .

Tackle Treatment Challenges

Beyond enhancing your facility from a strictly operational standpoint, U.S. Water Services Corporation tackles treatment challenges through engineering design modifications. U.S. Water Services Corporation begins with a full assessment of your existing system to update standard procedures and identify improvements. We work with you to overcome the most challenging operations and maintenance issues.

Future Planning

Capital forecasting and integrating repair and replacement programs are just two of the ways we better equip your facility for the future. Whether a short-term fix or major upgrade, we don’t make any type of decision without first determining its impact on compliance, safety, operation and other extensive variables.