U.S. Water Donates Generator to Haiti Mission

U.S. Water Services Corporation partners with Intrac Corporation to provide a generator to operate the water treatment system for the Cabaret Haiti Mission in Haiti.

Cabaret Haiti Mission is an organization that through its partnerships provides health care, education, employment, and orphan care in Haiti. Recently Doctors Without Borders contacted U.S. Water Services Corporaiton in New Port Richey Florida about the struggles the Cabaret Haiti Mission was having operating their Reverse Osmosis system. It was discovered that the system was in need of new equipment.

U.S. Water Services and Intrec Corporation donated a new generator which was installed in January 2016 at the mission. The generator will be used to power the orphanage, the school, and the church as well as the RO water system and the future aquaponics system designed to raise fish and vegetables for the orphanage and the community. Gary Deremer, President of U.S. Water Services Corporation, said he’s pleased to support Cabaret Haiti Mission in their efforts to assist the people of Haiti. Providing clean, safe drinking water is a global issue and U.S. Water Services is proud to aid in this endeavor.