City of Jenks Selects U.S. Water for Wastewater Operations and Maintenance

U.S. Water Selected For 5-Year Operations & Maintenance Contract In The City Of Jenks

In January 2023, U.S. Water was awarded the contract to provide operations, maintenance, and management (O&M) of the wastewater treatment facility, lift stations, and booster stations for the City of Jenks, Oklahoma. Following contract negotiations with the City, the agreement was approved for an initial term of five years beginning on April 1, 2023. The agreement can thereafter be renewed for two successive five-year terms at the City’s discretion.

In a competitive bid process among five qualified bidders, the City’s selection committee ranked U.S. Water as the most responsive and highly qualified bidder for scope and pricing negotiations based on various weighted criteria. U.S. Water’s excellent track record of successful operations & maintenance (O&M) projects and ability to provide engineering services was instrumental in being selected by the City of Jenks.

The population of the City of Jenks is approximately 25,000 people. The wastewater treatment plant is an Oklahoma Class B oxidation ditch aeration plant with a design capacity of 2.0 million gallons per day (MGD), currently treating an average daily flow of approximately 1.6 MGD. The treatment process includes pretreatment, a U.S. Filter/Siemens Orbal oxidation ditch solids contact tank, final clarification, UV disinfection, aerobic digestion, and sand drying beds. The collection system consists of 29 lift stations, with a 30th currently under construction, and two potable water booster stations. U.S. Water will provide five full-time staff, including a minimum of three licensed operators, to provide 24/7 O&M services to the plant.

The facility is currently undergoing expansion which will increase the design capacity to 4.3 MGD. U.S. Water will support the design and construction of the ongoing facility upgrades during the expansion.