Collier Utility Company: Investor Owned Utility

Collier County, FL
U.S. Water Services Corporation - Collier Utility Company

Collier Utility Company acquired the water and wastewater utility from Lee Cypress Water and Sewer Co-Op, Inc. (Lee Cypress) on December 28, 2020.   Lee Cypress was a not-for-profit corporation formed as a Co-Op on August 31, 1990, to provide water and wastewater service to its members. The community is comprised primarily of single-family residences in the small, rural community of Copeland, FL. The “service area” is comprised of the Lee Cypress Subdivision and Rock Pit area.  The community is in southern Collier County near Everglades City, FL.U.S. Water Services Corporation - Collier Utility Company

Lee Cypress retired its wastewater plant and is receiving wastewater treatment from Everglades City. Collier Utility provides water service to approximately 75 customers and wastewater service to about 57 customers. It consists of primarily single-family residential homes and two general service customers (a Church and Park). All customers are metered.


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