Flagler County Utilities: FGUA

Flagler County, FL
U.S. Water Services Corporation - Flagler County Utilities - FGUA Acquisition - Water Operation - Wastewater Operations

U.S. Water Services Corporation (U.S. Water) began Contract Operations on October 1st, 2020 for Flagler County Utilities. After an interlocal agreement with Flagler County on February 1, 2020. During the interlocal control, both Flagler County and the FGUA will be performing detailed analyses to determine if divestment of the system to the FGUA is the best option for all customers. Along with the Operations, U.S. Water completed numerous improvements to the water treatment plant to improve the water quality. U.S. Water is able to provide significant improvements to the water quality of Plantation Bay customers. The color is down by over 70% and the system can maintain adequate chlorine residuals throughout the distribution system. Before U.S. Water began working with the County, the system required free chlorine burns every three months. Now, with oversight and treatment improvements, the free chlorine burns are down by at least 50%.

Flagler County will divest the utility systems to the FGUA starting on October 1st, 2020. U.S. U.S. Water Services Corporation - Flagler County FGUA - Wastewater operations and Wastewater MaintenanceWater will begin five-year contract operations with the FGUA on October 1st, 2020 as well. Under FGUA ownership, U.S. Water will replace the wastewater treatment plant with a class one reliable concrete plant and will construct improvements to the water treatment plant.

Flagler County Utilities consists of four water treatment plants, two wastewater treatment plants, and two utility interconnections with adjacent municipalities. The Flagler County Utility serves approximately 2,600 water and sewer customers. Flagler County is located on the northeast coast of Florida and is 31 miles south of St. Augustine, 24 miles north of Daytona Beach. The county has five municipalities – Beverly Beach, Bunnell, Flagler Beach, Marineland, and Palm Coast. The municipalities have incorporated roughly 48 percent of the land area within Flagler County.


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