Royal Waterworks, Inc.

Coral Springs, FL

On July 1st, 2019 Royal Waterworks, Inc. (Royal Waterworks) purchased the water and wastewater systems from the previous owners – Royal Utility Company. Located in the beautiful city of Coral Springs, Florida, Royal Waterworks serves over 4,400 residents with potable drinking water and wastewater services.

Royal Waterworks, Inc - U.S. Water Services Corporation - Water Services, Wastewater Services

Royal Waterworks, in conjunction with the expertise of the utility operating company, U.S. Water Services Corporation (USWSC), is responsible for operating and maintaining the utilities, providing billing, collection, and customer service. Royal Waterworks is constructed of utility professionals, with over 32 years of experience providing water and wastewater services to customers throughout the state of Florida. USWSC’s goals are to give the residents of Royal Waterworks a sense of confidence in the new operator of their water treatment facility and wastewater collection system.

Royal Waterworks utilize a lime softening water treatment plant that can produce 1 MGD for its customers. Also, the water quality is the highest priority and that is why USWSC is working diligently to bring systems up to the industry standard. Improvements to the existing water treatment plant are complete, these repairs have greatly improved the water quality and brought consistency to the process.

Improvements to existing water treatment plant include:

  • Repair and reinstall accelerator mixer motor
  • Installation of new accelerator hatch
  • New lime hoses and new lime injection point
  • Paint ground storage tank
  • Replaced a high service pump
  • Repaired clear well/ground storage tank re-circulation system
  • Reactivate fluoride feed system to bring into county compliance
  • Water meter replacement
  • A replaced pressure control system
  • Replaced generators

More improvements are planned for 2020 to give the residents of Coral Springs the best product they’ve come to expect.